Nice to meet you!

We have returned to the Dutch Chapel! 

There are security procedures that guests need to be aware of:  

You must signup via the sign up page by noon the friday before you wish to attend.

Arrive as early as possible to avoid a long line and cooperate in the security check. As only 2 to 3 people will be allowed entry at one time, we request you to arrive early to avoid a long line.

Bring an official and valid picture ID with you to the services. You might be asked to show it. If you do not have a valid picture ID, it will not be possible to enter the church (copies on telephones are not allowed to be used as identification).

Leave backpacks or luggage at your hotel. For security, they are not allowed in the chapel except a women’s handbag or diaper bag. 

Leave electronic devices (except for cellphones) at home as the Consulate does not allow them in the chapel. Mobile phones are allowed, other devices are not.

Leave behind bottled water or cups with drinks, we have drinking water in the chapel basement.

The nursery is available downstairs for children ages 0-3.

Please follow the UCI usher’s lead outside the consulate entry door as they help you get into the chapel and manage the flow of people on Postacılar Sokak.